Instructional Fees

Fee for 1st term: 6600 USD include VAT

Fee for 2nd term: 5000 USD include VAT

Fee for 3rd term: 5000 USD include VAT

Fee for 4th term: 5000 USD include VAT

For completion in four years (regular)    : 21.600 USD  include VAT

Extension for  per semester: 3240 USD  include VAT

If students complete  their PhD program before 4 years who also pay total program fee.


Fees Payable to

Applications Fees & Instructional Fees

  TL Account U.S. Dollar Account
Bank DenizbankAnkara Ticari Şubesi-3700
Account Number 280 3832-444 280 3832-445
IBAN TR420013400000280383200080 TR150013400000280383200081
Note: Please only inform your student number, and Name Surname